From the moment we meet I will begin assessing your smile, learning about what’s important to you, your lifestyle and how I can help you achieve your unique route to oral health and a confident smile. Checking the soft tissues of your mouth, your teeth and gum health, I will give you tailored home care advice to help prevent cavities, bad breath and maintain a lasting healthy mouth through diligent home care and a good diet. Together with my team, we can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.


By getting to know you and helping you feel at ease with me, I will use a range of techniques and advanced methods and treatments to help restore, enhance and provide you with a healthy beautiful smile. Dentistry is often misunderstood as a scary painful experience with unknown treatments and procedures. I believe in talking my patients through all procedures in detail and giving you the opportunity to take control of your care. The painless, stress-free environment I provide will help restore your confidence in visiting the dentist. Using innovative and creative skills, I can design your perfect smile to complement your individual unique facial features to give you the confidence to enjoy your dental visits and have pride in your mouth.


By providing you with a bespoke maintenance plan for your smile, I will help you have a long lasting healthy mouth you can show of with pride in the future. Regular hygiene appointments will help prevent gum problems starting or worsening and help keep any complex work looking and feeling brand new!
Regular visits mean I can pick up problems early on and manage them before they become complicated or costly. By starting early, I recommend you bring in children from the moment their first teeth come through to encourage good dental and diet habits to help them grow into a healthy lifelong set of beautiful teeth.



I believe you cannot put a price on a beautiful smile, but sometimes you may want that little bit more to make your smile stand out or things can happen that I will need to help you fix. Please visit me to discuss finance options that suit you.

Lets talk..

Please get in touch with me and lets talk about what you need! Just a check up or want that dream smile, it all starts with that conversation..